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TContext3D = class abstract(TInterfacedPersistent, IFreeNotification)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TContext3D : public System::Classes::TInterfacedPersistent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Types3D FMX.Types3D


Class used for drawing and rendering 3D objects. TContext3D defines a context for rendering 3D controls.

TContext3D includes a drawing surface associated with resources, textures, and states. TContext3D also includes specific methods for rendering and drawing, manipulating shaders and textures. To get the list of lights of the current context, use the Lights property. To add or remove light sources, use the protected TViewPort3D methods AddLight and RemoveLight. The used shaders are specified by the CurrentVertexShader and CurrentPixelShader properties. To set the used shaders, use the SetShaders method. The camera used by the current 3D context is specified through TCamera.

The helper class, TContextHelper, adds high-level routines for drawing and filling.

Do not create a TContext3D explicitly. Use TContextManager to create, access, and register platform-specific TContext3D implementations.

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