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Defines classes and types for FireMonkey touch and gesturing functionality. FireMonkey support for gestures is very similar to VCL support for gestures.

For general information, see Gestures in FireMonkey and Gesture Support in Metropolis UI Applications. The VCL Gesturing Overview is also useful.

Package fmx270.bpl


TCustomGestureRecognizerTCustomGestureRecognizer is the abstract base for all gesture recognizers.
TCustomGestureRecognizerClassTCustomGestureRecognizerClass defines the metaclass for TCustomGestureRecognizer.
TGestureCollectionTGestureCollection is a collection of TGestureCollectionItem objects.
TGestureCollectionItemTGestureCollectionItem is the descendant of TCollectionItem used to contain the set of points that makes up a gesture.
TGestureEngineTGestureEngine is the base for all gesturing engines.
TGestureEngineClassTGestureEngineClass defines the metaclass for TCustomGestureEngine.
TGestureManagerTGestureManager is a class that manages all the gestures in an application.


FindStandardGestureLooks up a standard gesture.
GestureToIdentConverts a gesture ID to the corresponding string.
IdentToGestureConverts a string into the corresponding gesture ID.


TGestureItemChangeEventType of the event handler for the change or deletion of a gesture.
TGestureNotificationEnumerates a change or a deletion of a gesture.
TStandardGestureDataDescribes a standard gesture.


CustomGestureTypesConstant of type TGestureTypes that enumerates the types of custom gestures.


cgiFirstcgiFirst: Integer = $FFFFFE00;
cgiLastcgiLast: Integer = $FFFFFFFF;
rgiFirstrgiFirst: Integer = $FFFFFC00;
rgiLastrgiLast: Integer = $FFFFFDFF;