FMX.InertialMovement.TPointD Methods

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AbspublicReturns the length of the segment between the current TPointD point and the origin of the coordinate system.
CreatepublicCreates a TPointD object.
DistancepublicCalculates the distance between the current TPointD object and the point specified by the P2 parameter.
OffsetpublicIncrements the X and Y coordinates of the current point by the specified DX and DY values.
operator =public
operator AdditionpublicReturns the sum of two TPointD points.
operator EqualitypublicTests whether two TPointD objects are equal.
operator Implicitpublic
operator InequalitypublicTests whether two TPointD points are not equal.
operator SubtractionpublicReturns the difference between two TPointD points.
SetLocationpublicSets the location of the current TPointD point.