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Defines FireMonkey classes for 3D surfaces.

Package fmx280.bpl


TAbstractLayer3DRepresents the base class that defines the structure for all 3D layers.
TBufferLayer3DRepresents a 3D layer that can hold any 2D objects and can be rendered with buffering.
TCustomBufferLayer3DRepresents the base class for all buffered 3D layers.
TCustomLayer3DRepresents the base class for all 3D layers.
TImage3DRepresents a 3D layer that displays a bitmap image on its background.
TLayer3DRepresents a 3D layer that can hold any 2D object.
TLayout3DRepresents a very basic 3D layer based directly on TAbstractLayer3D.
TSolidLayer3DRepresents a solid 3D layer similar to a solid rectangle that can be placed in 3D space.
TSplitter3DRepresents a 3D layer that is intended for splitting purposes.
TTextLayer3DRepresents a 3D layer that can hold any 2D object and can also display text.