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Defines FireMonkey layout containers providing functionality for arranging components and for inertial scrolling 2D content.

FireMonkey layout сontainers TLayout,TFlowLayout, TGridLayout, TGridPanelLayout, TScrollBox, and TScaledLayout can be used to group other controls, arrange and manipulate them as a whole. TScrollBox supports inertial scrolling of contained controls. For more information, see Arranging FireMonkey Controls and FireMonkey Layouts Strategies.

Package fmx280.bpl


TCustomScrollBoxThe base class for controls representing a scrolling area (scroll box).
TFlowLayoutA control that arranges its child controls as if they were words in a paragraph.
TFlowLayoutBreakA dummy control that inserts a new line in a TFlowLayout.
TFramedScrollBoxExtends TCustomScrollBox declaring published properties.
TFramedVertScrollBoxRepresents a TFramedScrollBox with an applied framedscrollboxstyle style lookup.
TGridLayoutA control that arranges child controls in a grid of equally sized cells.
TGridPanelLayoutImplements a grid panel layout control in which each component is placed within a cell on a grid panel.
THorzScrollBoxRepresents a TScrollBox restricted to horizontal scrolling.
TLayoutA layout is a container for other graphical objects.
TScaledLayoutA FireMonkey scaled layout is a wrapper over TControl and acts like a layer for other objects with the possibility of scaling its content according to the physical dimensions of the layout.
TScrollBoxExtends TCustomScrollBox declaring published properties.
TScrollCalculationsEncapsulates methods calculating inertial scroll moving for controls with scrollable areas.
TScrollContentRepresents an object that can hold scrollable content.
TVertScrollBoxRepresents a TScrollBox restricted to vertical scrolling.


TFlowDirectionSpecifies the direction in which the controls are arranged within a TFlowLayout.
TFlowJustifySpecifies the alignment of child controls within a TFlowLayout.
TFlowLayoutRulesRecord that stores the rules followed by TFlowLayout.
TOnCalcContentBoundsEventThe method pointer type used to define OnCalcContentBounds events.
TPositionChangeEventThe method pointer type used to define OnViewportPositionChange events.