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TFixedBitmapItem = class(TCustomBitmapItem)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFixedBitmapItem : public TCustomBitmapItem


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.MultiResBitmap FMX.MultiResBitmap


TFixedBitmapItem represents a bitmap item in a TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap.

TFixedBitmapItem bitmap items are elements in TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmaps.

TFixedBitmapItem extends the TCustomBitmapItem class providing two published properties -- Scale and Bitmap.

Use the MultiResBitmap Editor to edit TFixedMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmaps and to add (or delete) new bitmap items. In the MultiResBitmap Editor you can define a source file containing the image to be used in a bitmap item and you can activate the Bitmap Editor to edit the bitmap item.

The TFixedBitmapItem class implements the GetDisplayName method. This method is used at design time to display in the Structure View names of bitmap items registered in multi-resolution bitmaps. If the Bitmap property of a bitmap item is empty, then the displayed bitmap item name is Empty. If the Scale of the bitmap item matches to some scale of mandatory named scales registered by RegisterScaleName in the ScaleList, then GetDisplayName returns the corresponding name; usually this name is Normal. Otherwise, GetDisplayName returns Other scale.

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