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procedure AnimateInt(const APropertyName: string; const NewValue: Integer; Duration: Single = 0.2;  AType: TAnimationType = TAnimationType.In; AInterpolation: TInterpolationType = TInterpolationType.Linear);


void __fastcall AnimateInt _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE1("Use FMX.Ani.TAnimator instead") (const System::UnicodeString APropertyName, const int NewValue, float Duration = 2.000000E-01f, TAnimationType AType = (TAnimationType)(0x0), TInterpolationType AInterpolation = (TInterpolationType)(0x0));


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
FMX.Types TFmxObject


Warning: AnimateInt is deprecated. Please use Ani.TAnimator.

Creates and runs a TIntAnimation for this object (self).

AnimateInt creates a TIntAnimation, makes its parent this TFmxObject (self) and performs the following actions:

  • Sets the PropertyName property of this integer animation to be the string provided in the APropertyName parameter. This string must be the name of one of the parent's properties that is of type Int. Use dot notation to reference nested properties.
  • Sets the StopValue property of this integer animation to be the short integer provided by the NewValue parameter.
  • Sets the Duration property of this integer animation to be the float provided in the Duration parameter. Duration is the number of seconds to transition from the current value of the property named in the PropertyName property to the value of the StopValue property of this integer animation.
  • Calls the Start to start the animation. The property will be animated from its current value to the StopValue over the Duration time.
Note: If this object is not Visible at the moment this method is called, no animation runs: the animation is created, but does not execute.

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