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TWSDLHTMLPublish =  class(TComponent, IWebDispatch)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWSDLHTMLPublish : public System::Classes::TComponent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Soap.WSDLPub Soap.WSDLPub


TWSDLHTMLPublish publishes a list of WSDL documents describing a Web Services application.

Add TWSDLHTMLPublish to the Web module of a Web Service application to publish a list of WSDL documents that describe how to call that Web Service application. By publishing WSDL documents for your Web Service application, you allow arbitrary clients to call on your Web Services.

TWSDLHTMLPublish publishes definitions it derives from all the invokable interfaces that are registered with the invocation registry (InvRegistry), as well as from all remotable classes and types that are registered with the remotable type registry (RemTypeRegistry). By default, it uses the address where you install the application that contains the TWSDLHTMLPublish component as the address where those services are available. If you deploy the implementation of those Web Services elsewhere, you can enable the WSDL administrator (using the AdminEnabled property), and then launch the WSDL administrator from a Web browser to change the addresses specified in the generated WSDL documents.

TWSDLHTMLPublish automatically registers itself with the Web module (or Web dispatcher) as an auto-dispatching object. This means that the Web module or Web dispatcher forwards all incoming HTTP messages directed to the WSDL publisher without requiring the use of Web action items. Those messages include requests for the list of WSDL documents and requests for the WSDL administrator.

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