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Contains interfaces that define compiled binding expressions, custom scopes, custom wrappers, dynamic instances of a member within a dynamic group, wrapped resulting types, Left Values, wrappers considered as placeholders for physical values, scope enumerators, scope symbols, immediate values, and related interfaces. It also contains classes that implement custom wrapper getter callbacks, location wrappers, scope symbols, subscription notifications, value wrappers, and so on.

Package bindengine270.bpl


EEvaluatorErrorException class for signaling errors in evaluation.
EPlaceholderErrorException class for signaling errors in the placeholder wrappers' functionality.
EWrapperErrorException class for signaling errors in the behavior of a wrapper.
IArgumentsUsed for passing arguments to a wrapper at evaluation time.
IChildAccesses information about wrapped objects members.
ICompiledBindingPermits the evaluation of a compiled expression.
ICompiledBindingWrappersICompiledBindingWrappers is an interface that provides access to wrappers.
ICustomScopeA custom scope that permits the user to return a custom wrapper for fake object members.
ICustomWrapperProvides the engine with information about the syntactic form of the wrapped face object member and the user routine that calculates the value for the fake member.
IDebugBindingInternally used for intercepting the order of executing engine operations.
IDynamicGroupAllows for lazy determination of the object member's value.
IDynamicInstanceRepresents a dynamic instance of a member within a dynamic group.
IGroupStores the wrapped resulting values.
IInvokableDefines a function that possibly returns a location for bidirectional expressions.
ILocationDefines an lvalue (Left Value) that can be extracted and stored.
IPlaceholderDefines a wrapper that is considered a placeholder when it does not wrap around a physical value.
IPreparedWrappersPersists prepared wrappers between repeated evaluations of the same expression.
IRecordChildInterface that accesses information about the parent of a wrapped member and its RTTI.
IRttiChildProvides access to internal wrappers' parent object and to the RTTI of the member.
IScopeRepresents a scope that can be looked up for wrappers.
IScopeEnumerableImplementers of this interface make scopes have their wrappers enumerated.
IScopeEnumeratorImplementers of this interface can enumerate an enumerable scope.
IScopeExA scope that gives more facilities for searching not only names, but also objects.
IScopeSelfGives access to a wrapper that wraps the same object as the wrapper that implements this interface.
IScopeSymbolsPermits a scope to return wrappers only for the symbols present in the expression.
ISubscribableImplemented by values that support change notifications.
ISubscriptionRepresents a subscription to change notifications on a subscribable object.
IValueAbstract definition of an immediate value. This interface is used to support querying for ILocation.
IWrapperA wrapper must implement this interface in order for the engine to recognize it as a wrapper.
IWrapperBindingInterface that defines the prototype of a wrapper's compiled binding.
TLocationWrapperTrivial wrapper implementation for locations.
TScopeSymbolsTrivial implementation for IScopeSymbols.
TValueWrapperTrivial implementation for rvalues (Right Values).
TWrapperDictionaryRepresents a dictionary that contains wrappers.


AdaptArgumentsCreates an array of actual values from the given value wrappers.


TCompiledBindingPhaseTypeDescribes the possible phases of the expression compiler.
TCustomWrapperGetterCallbackCallback used by the custom wrapper to determine the actual value of the fake object member that it wraps around.
TCustomWrapperTypeEnumeration of custom wrapper types.
TSubscriptionNotificationCalled when a subscribable object changes.