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procedure Loaded; virtual;


virtual void __fastcall Loaded();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
System.Classes TComponent


Initializes the component after the form file has been read into memory.

Do not call the protected Loaded method. The streaming system calls this method after it loads the component's form from a stream.

When the streaming system loads a form or data module from its form file, it first constructs the form component by calling its constructor, then reads its property values from the form file. After reading all the property values for all the components, the streaming system calls the Loaded methods of each component in the order the components were created. This gives the components a chance to initialize any data that depends on the values of other components or other parts of itself.

Note: All references to sibling components are resolved by the time Loaded is called. Loaded is the first place that sibling pointers can be used after being streamed in.

As implemented in TComponent, Loaded clears the csLoading flag in the ComponentState property, indicating that the component is no longer loading.

Warning: Loaded may be called multiple times on inherited forms. It is called every time a level of inheritance is streamed in. Do not allocate memory in an overridden Loaded method without first checking that the memory has not been allocated in a previous call.

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