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constructor Create; overload;
constructor Create(OwnsObjects: Boolean); overload;
constructor Create(QuoteChar, Delimiter: Char); overload;
constructor Create(QuoteChar, Delimiter: Char; Options: TStringsOptions); overload;
constructor Create(Duplicates: TDuplicates; Sorted: Boolean; CaseSensitive: Boolean); overload;


__fastcall TStringList()/* overload */;
__fastcall TStringList(bool OwnsObjects)/* overload */;
__fastcall TStringList(System::WideChar QuoteChar, System::WideChar Delimiter)/* overload */;
__fastcall TStringList(System::WideChar QuoteChar, System::WideChar Delimiter, TStringsOptions Options)/* overload */;
__fastcall TStringList(System::Types::TDuplicates Duplicates, bool Sorted, bool CaseSensitive)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
System.Classes TStringList


Creates an instance of a TStringList object.

The Create constructor creates a new instance of the TStringList object.

Create has five overloaded methods:

  1. Takes no parameters.
  2. Accepts the OwnsObjects boolean parameter to specify whether the string list owns the objects or not.
  3. Accepts the QuoteChar and Delimiter parameters to create a new string list with the specified QuoteChar and Delimiter properties.
  4. Accepts the QuoteChar, Delimiter and Options parameters to create a new string list with the specified QuoteChar, Delimiter and Options properties.
  5. Accepts the Duplicates, Sorted and CaseSensitive to create a new string list with the specified Duplicates, Sorted, CaseSensitive properties.

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