System.Sensors.TCustomMechanicalSensor Properties

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AbsPressurepublicAbsolute pressure in pascals.
AvailablePropertiespublicList of properties that this specific sensor can provide.
CategorypublicCategory of the sensor.
CustomDatapublicSensor-specific data fields.
CustomPropertypublicSensor-specific properties.
DescriptionpublicDescription of the system sensor.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
ForcepublicForce in newtons.
GaugePressurepublicGauge pressure in pascals.
HasCustomDatapublicSpecifies whether the system sensor has custom data with the specified index (True) or not (False).
HasCustomPropertypublicSpecifies whether the system sensor has a custom property with the specified index (True) or not (False).
ManagerpublicManager that handles this sensor.
ManufacturerpublicManufacturer of the system sensor.
ModelpublicModel of the system sensor.
MultiValueStatepublicMultiple-position switches state.
NamepublicName of the system sensor.
SensorTypepublicType of the sensor.
SerialNopublicSerial number of the system sensor.
StartedpublicIndicates whether the sensor is activated and ready.
StatepublicState of the sensor.
SwitchArrayStatepublicState of an array of two-state switches.
SwitchStatepublicState of a two-state switch.
TimeStamppublicDate of the most recent measures that the sensor took.
UniqueIDpublicID that uniquely identifies the sensor.
WeightpublicMass in kilograms.