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type ShortString = string[255];


typedef SmallString<255>     ShortString;      //


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
System System


Represents a string whose maximum length is 255 characters.

A ShortString is 0 to 255 single-byte characters long. While the length of a ShortString can change dynamically, its memory is a statically allocated 256 bytes; the first byte stores the length of the string, and the remaining 255 bytes are available for characters. If S is a ShortString variable, Ord(S[0]), like Length(S), returns the length of S; assigning a value to S[0], like calling SetLength, changes the length of S. ShortString is maintained for backward compatibility only.

The Delphi language supports short-string types--in effect, subtypes of ShortString--whose maximum length is anywhere from 0 through 255 characters. These are denoted by a bracketed numeral appended to the reserved word string.

When you assign a value to a ShortString variable, the string is truncated if it exceeds the maximum length for the type.

Note: ShortString is used by the Delphi desktop compilers, but is not supported by the Delphi mobile compilers. For more information, see Migrating Delphi Code to Mobile from Desktop.

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