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TTetheringManager = class(TComponent)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION DECLSPEC_DRTTI TTetheringManager : public System::Classes::TComponent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Tether.Manager System.Tether.Manager


A manager can discover and pair to remote managers that provide remote profiles that can share data with the registered profiles of your manager.

A manager is a component that may be associated with one or more profiles, one or more adapters, and one or more protocols.

These are the main features of a manager:

To use app tethering in your application you need a TTetheringManager component. It is possible to have more than one TTetheringManager component in the same application, but you only need one TTetheringManager component.

Note: There is no limit to the number of TTetheringManager components that an application can have, but specific adapters may have limits that affect the number of TTetheringManager components that your applications can use.

For more information about using a TTetheringManager, see Connecting to Remote Applications Using App Tethering.

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