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EZipException = class( Exception );


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION EZipException : public System::Sysutils::Exception


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Zip System.Zip


Exception type for all .zip errors.

Exceptions of type EZipException are raised when compressing or decompressing .zip files.

The following table describes the exception raised in case of errors:

Exception Description
'Error reading zip file' Raised when the read verification of the .zip file failed, or the central header cannot be read.
'Error writing zip file' Raised when the write verification of the .zip file failed.
'Invalid Zip Local Header signature' Raised when the verification of the local's header signature failed.
'Invalid Zip Central Header signature' Raised when the verification of the central's header signature failed.
'Support for compression method not registered: %s' Raised when adding a file to a .zip archive and the compression type is not supported by the TZipFile.
'File must be open' Raised when trying to access the .zip file's data and the .zip archive has not been opened.
'File must be open for writing' Raised when trying to modify a .zip file that has not been opened for writing.
'File must be open for reading' Raised when trying to read from a .zip file that has not been opened for reading.
'Zip file must be empty' Raised when modifying the UTF8Support property for a .zip file that is not empty.

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