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TZipFile = class


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TZipFile : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Zip System.Zip


TZipFile is a class for creating and reading .zip files.

Use TZipFile methods to compress or decompress files in .zip format.

TZipFile allows you to use the following features for a better performance:

  • Open and Close to open or close a .zip file.
  • Add to add files to an archive.
  • Extract and ExtractAll to provide a way to extract files from an archive.

For information and an example on how to extract password-protected (encrypted) files, see Extracting Password-protected Files.

Also, you can use TZipFile properties like FileName, FileInfo, or FileComment to obtain information about the files contained by a .zip archive. You can also extract files from an archive without instantiating TZipFile objects by using the ExtractZipFile class procedure.

Tip: TZipFile methods may raise exceptions of type EZipException.
Note: From RAD Studio Alexandria TZipFile supports Zip64.

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