Vcl.ActnMan.TActionClientItem Properties

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ActionpublishedSpecifies the action category or action that the TActionClientItem represents.
ActionBarpublicSpecifies the action band the action client is rendered on.
ActionClientspublicReturns the TActionClients object that contains the TActionClientItem.
ActionLinkpublicRefers to the action client item's action link.
BackgroundpublishedSpecifies the image that is drawn on the action client's action band for the action client.
BackgroundLayoutpublishedSpecifies how the image specified in the Background property is rendered on the action band used by the action client to render any sub-items that are contained by the action client.
CaptionpublishedSpecifies the caption the action manager uses when the TActionClientItem is rendered on an action band.
ChangesAllowedpublishedIndicates which kinds of changes to the action client are permissible.
CheckUnusedpublicIndicates whether the TActionClientItem object should be checked to see if it is unused and, if so, hidden from view.
ChildActionBarpublicSpecifies the action band that is used to render the TActionClients object specified in the Items property.
CollectionpublicSpecifies the TCollection instance to which the TCollectionItem belongs.
ColorpublishedSpecifies the background color for TClientAction when it is rendered on a action band.
CommandPropertiespublishedCommandProperties exposes the properties associated with the TActionClientItem object.
CommandStylepublishedCommandStyle specifies the style of a TActionClientItem.
ContextItemspublishedSpecifies the TActionClients object that is rendered as a popup menu when a item is right clicked.
ControlpublicSpecifies the action band control that is rendered on an action band for the TActionClientItem object.
DisplayNamepublicThe name displayed in the Collection editor.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
HasItemspublicSpecifies whether the action client has sub-items associated with the action client.
IDpublicA unique, permanent index for the item.
ImageIndexpublishedContains the ImageIndex property for the client action item.
IndexpublicReturns the item's position in the Items array of TCollection.
ItemspublishedSpecifies the TActionClients object that contains the sub-items of the action client.
KeyTippublishedCurrent KeyTip for command.
LastSessionpublishedSpecifies the date an action client was last used.
MergeIndexpublishedUsed to help merge action lists.
ParentItempublicRefers to the parent item of the action client item.
SeparatorpublicReturns whether the TActionClientItem is rendered as a separator control on an action band.
ShortCutpublishedShortcut of the action client item that is displayed in the caption for the UI element that is rendered on an action band.
ShortCutTextpublicContains the text label (like "Ctrl+S") for the shortcut.
ShowCaptionpublishedDetermines whether the caption for the TActionClientItem is drawn.
ShowGlyphpublishedIndicates whether an image should be shown for the action.
ShowShortCutpublishedDetermines whether the underbar character underneath the shortcut character is displayed.
UsageCountpublishedSpecifies the total number of times an item has been used.
VisiblepublishedDetermines whether the action client is visible.