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function DrawButtonFace(Canvas: TCanvas; const Client: TRect;
BevelWidth: Integer; Style: TButtonStyle; IsRounded, IsDown,
IsFocused: Boolean): TRect;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE System::Types::TRect __fastcall DrawButtonFace(Vcl::Graphics::TCanvas* Canvas, const System::Types::TRect &Client, int BevelWidth, TButtonStyle Style, bool IsRounded, bool IsDown, bool IsFocused);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Vcl.Buttons Vcl.Buttons


Draws a push button.

Use DrawButtonFace to draw a standard push button. DrawButtonFace draws the borders and background of the button. DrawButtonFace can be used by button controls that do not descend from TButtonControl, which must implement all their own rendering.

Canvas is the drawing surface on which to render the button.

Client indicates the boundaries of the button's client area on Canvas.

BevelWidth is the width of the beveled edge on the outside of the button. This parameter is ignored.

IsDown indicates whether the button is pressed.

IsFocused indicates whether the button has keyboard focus.

IsRounded indicates whether the button is a rounded button.

Style describes the button style to be used, according to the parameters of TButtonStyle.

DrawButtonFace returns the dimensions of the remaining usable area on the surface of the button after the edges and bevels have been drawn.

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