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Package vcl280.bpl


ECommonCalendarErrorECommonCalendarError is the exception class for invalid entries in a TCommonCalendar component.
EDateTimeErrorEDateTimeError is the exception class for invalid date and time entries.
EMonthCalErrorEMonthCalError is the exception class for invalid entries in a TMonthCalendar component.
ETreeViewErrorETreeViewError is the exception class for tree view errors.
ExceptClassVcl.ComCtrls.ExceptClass is an alias for System.SysUtils.ExceptClass.
TAnimateTAnimate is an animation control.
TComboBoxExTComboBoxEx represents a combo box that supports extended combo box features such as images on the list entries.
TComboBoxExStringsTComboBoxExStrings is used to store strings in the combo box's drop-down list.
TComboExItemTComboExItem represents an item in an extended combo box.
TComboExItemsTComboExItems manages a collection of TComboExItem objects.
TCommonCalendarTCommonCalendar is the base class for the controls TDateTimePicker and TMonthCalendar.
TConversionTConversion converts rich text data from one encoding format to another.
TCoolBandTCoolBand represents a band within a TCoolBar.
TCoolBandsTCoolBands is a container for TCoolBand objects.
TCoolBarTCoolBar displays a collection of windowed controls within movable, resizable bands.
TCustomComboBoxExTCustomComboBoxEx is the base class for combo box components that support extended combo box features such as images on the list entries.
TCustomHeaderControlTCustomHeaderControl represents a spreadsheet-style header.
TCustomHotKeyTCustomHotKey is the base class for objects that wrap the Windows accelerator key Common Control.
TCustomListViewTCustomListView is the base type for all list view components, including TListView.
TCustomRichEditTCustomRichEdit is the base type for rich edit controls such as TRichEdit.
TCustomStatusBarTCustomStatusBar is the base class for objects that represent status bars.
TCustomTabControlTCustomTabControl is the base type for tab control components such as TTabControl and TPageControl.
TCustomTreeViewTCustomTreeView is the base type for tree-view components such as TTreeView.
TCustomUpDownTCustomUpDown is the base type for up-down size controls such as TUpDown.
TDateTimeColorsTDateTimeColors specifies colors used in a calendar control.
TDateTimePickerTDateTimePicker displays a list box for entering dates or times.
THeaderControlTHeaderControl is a container for THeaderSection objects. It provides a set of resizable column headers.
THeaderSectionTHeaderSection represents a section of a header control.
THeaderSectionsTHeaderSections is a container for THeaderSection objects.
THotKeyTHotKey is a wrapper for a Windows Common Control hot key.
TIconOptionsTIconOptions describes how the icons in a list view should be arranged.
TListColumnTListColumn represents a column in a report-style list view.
TListColumnsTListColumns is a collection of TListColumn objects.
TListGroupGroup for a list item.
TListGroupsGroups for a list view.
TListItemTListItem is an individual item of a TListView control.
TListItemsTListItems maintains the collection of items that appear in a list view control.
TListItemsEnumeratorEnumerates the items of a TListItems instance.
TListViewTListView displays a list of items in various ways.
TMonthCalColorsTMonthCalColors defines a color scheme for TDateTimePicker or TMonthCalendar's drop-down calendar.
TMonthCalendarTMonthCalendar is stand-alone calendar in which a user can select a date or range of dates.
TPageControlTPageControl is a set of pages used to make a multiple page dialog box.
TPageScrollerTPageScroller defines a display area for a narrow window, such as a toolbar.
TParaAttributesTParaAttributes represents paragraph formatting properties for a rich edit control.
TProgressBarTProgressBar displays a simple progress bar.
TRichEditTRichEdit is a wrapper for a Windows rich text edit control.
TStatusBarTStatusBar represents a status bar.
TStatusPanelTStatusPanel represents a single panel of a status bar.
TStatusPanelClassTStatusPanelClass defines the metaclass for TStatusPanel.
TStatusPanelsTStatusPanels is a container for TStatusPanel objects.
TTabControlTTabControl is a tab set that has the appearance of notebook dividers.
TTabSheetTTabSheet is an individual page in a TPageControl object.
TTextAttributesTTextAttributes represents the font characteristics of a section of text in a rich edit control.
TToolBarTToolBar manages tool buttons and other controls, arranging them in rows and automatically adjusting their sizes and positions.
TToolButtonTToolButton is a button control in a TToolBar object.
TToolButtonActionLinkLinks an action object to a client (tool button).
TTrackBarTTrackBar is a wrapper for a track bar control.
TTreeNodeTTreeNode describes an individual node in a tree view control.
TTreeNodesTTreeNodes maintains a list of tree nodes in a tree view control.
TTreeNodesEnumeratorEnumerates through the nodes in a TTreeNode instance.
TTreeViewTTreeView represents a window that displays a hierarchical list of items, such as the headings in a document, the entries in an index, or the files and directories on a disk.
TUpDownTUpDown is a wrapper for a Windows up-down control.
TWorkAreaTWorkArea represents a rectangular subregion of a list view's client area.
TWorkAreasTWorkAreas is a collection of TWorkArea objects.


CheckToolMenuDropdown (deprecated)Displays a tool button's dropdown menu.
GetComCtlVersionIndicates which version of ComCtl32.dll is installed.


PNodeCachePNodeCache is a pointer to a TNodeCache object.
TAutoCompleteOptionTAutoCompleteOption and TAutoCompleteOptions specify a set of autocomplete options.
TAutoCompleteOptionsTAutoCompleteOptions specify options that control autocompletion.
TCalDayOfWeekTCalDayOfWeek represents a day of the week.
TComboBoxExStyleTComboBoxExStyle is the type for the Style property of extended combo box controls.
TComboBoxExStyleExTComboBoxExStyleEx and TComboBoxExStyles configure the behavior of extended combo box controls.
TComboBoxExStylesTComboBoxExStyles is the type for the Style property of extended combo box controls.
TComboExInstanceVcl.ComCtrls.TComboExInstance is an alias to an untyped pointer.
TCoolBandMaximizeTCoolBandMaximize specifies the conditions under which a TCoolBand is maximized.
TCustomDrawPanelEventTCustomDrawPanelEvent is the type of the OnDrawPanel event handler.
TCustomDrawSectionEventTCustomDrawSectionEvent is a procedure called by the TCustomHeaderControl class OnDrawSection event.
TCustomDrawStageTCustomDrawStage specifies a stage in the custom drawing process.
TCustomDrawStateTCustomDrawState specifies a custom drawing state.
TCustomDrawTargetTCustomDrawTarget specifies the target of a custom drawing event.
TCustomHCCreateSectionClassEventTCustomHCCreateSectionClassEvent is a procedure called by the TCustomHeaderControl class OnCreateSectionClass event.
TCustomSectionNotifyEventTCustomSectionNotifyEvent is a procedure called by the OnSectionResize event and the OnSectionClick event.
TCustomSectionTrackEventTCustomSectionTrackEvent is a procedure called by the OnSectionTrack event.
TDateTimeKindTDateTimeKind is the type of the Kind property.
TDrawPanelEventTDrawPanelEvent is the type of event handlers that draw a panel in an owner-drawn status bar, such as OnDrawPanel.
TDrawSectionEventTDrawSectionEvent is a procedure called by the THeaderControl class OnDrawSection event.
TDrawTabEventTDrawTabEvent is the type for event handlers that render the tab of an owner-drawn Vcl.ComCtrls.TTabControl control for the OnDrawTab event.
TDTCalAlignmentType of the CalAlignment property.
TDTParseInputEventTDTParseInputEvent is a procedure called by the OnUserInput event.
THeaderStyleTHeaderStyle specifies the style of a header control.
THitTestTHitTest and THitTests are used in the GetHitTestInfoAt method.
TIconArrangementTIconArrangement indicates how the icons for items are arranged.
TItemChangeTItemChange describes the type of change a list item undergoes.
TItemFindTItemFind identifies the type of search in an OnDataFind event handler.
TItemStateTItemState and TItemStates specify the state of an item in a list view control.
TItemStatesTItemState and TItemStates specify the state of an item in a list view control.
TListGroupStateTListGroupState describes the list group's current state.
TListHotTrackStyleTListHotTrackStyle and TListHotTrackStyles specify hot tracking styles for a list view control.
TListHotTrackStylesTListHotTrackStyle and TListHotTrackStyles specify hot tracking styles for a list view control.
TLVAdvancedCustomDrawEventTLVAdvancedCustomDrawEvent is a procedure called by the OnAdvancedCustomDraw event.
TLVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEventTLVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEvent is a procedure called by the OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event.
TLVAdvancedCustomDrawSubItemEventTLVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEvent is a procedure called by the OnAdvancedCustomDrawSubItem event.
TLVChangeEventTLVChangeEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when an item in a list view control changes.
TLVChangingEventTLVChangingEvent is a procedure called by the OnChanging event.
TLVCheckedItemEventTLVCheckedItemEvent is a procedure called by the OnItemChecked event.
TLVColumnClickEventTLVColumnClickEvent is a procedure called by the OnColumnClick event.
TLVColumnRClickEventTLVColumnRClickEvent is a procedure called by the OnColumnRightClick event.
TLVCompareEventTLVCompareEvent is a procedure called by the OnCompare event.
TLVCreateItemClassEventTLVCreateItemClassEvent is a procedure called by the OnCreateItemClass event.
TLVCustomDrawEventTLVCustomDrawEvent is the procedure type of the TCustomListView.OnCustomDraw and the TListView.OnCustomDraw events.
TLVCustomDrawItemEventTLVCustomDrawItemEvent is the procedure type of the TCustomListView.OnCustomDrawItem and TListView.OnCustomDrawItem events.
TLVCustomDrawSubItemEvent TLVCustomDrawSubItemEvent is the procedure type of the TCustomListView.OnCustomDrawSubItem and the TListView.OnCustomDrawSubItem events.
TLVDeletedEventTLVDeletedEvent is the type of a list view's OnDeletion and OnInsert event handlers.
TLVDrawItemEventTLVDrawItemEvent is the type of the list view Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDrawItem and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDrawItem event handlers.
TLVEditedEventTLVEditedEvent is the type of the list view Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnEdited and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnEdited event handlers.
TLVEditingEventTLVEditingEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when the user starts to edit the caption of an item in a list view control.
TLVInfoTipEventTLVInfoTipEvent is the procedure type of the TCustomListView.OnInfoTip and TListView.OnInfoTip events.
TLVNotifyEventTLVNotifyEvent is the procedure type of the TCustomListView.OnGetImageIndex and TListView.OnGetImageIndex events.
TLVOwnerDataEventTLVOwnerDataEvent is the type of a list view's Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnData and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnData event handlers.
TLVOwnerDataFindEventTLVOwnerDataFindEvent is the type of a list view's Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataFind and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataFind event handlers.
TLVOwnerDataHintEventTLVOwnerDataHintEvent is the type of a list view's Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataHint and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataHint event handlers.
TLVOwnerDataStateChangeEventTLVOwnerDataStateChangeEvent is the type of a list view's Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataStateChange and Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomListView.OnDataStateChange event handlers.
TLVSelectItemEventTLVSelectItemEvent is the type of a list view's TCustomListView.OnSelectItem and TListView.OnSelectItem event handlers.
TLVSubItemImageEventTLVSubItemImageEvent is the type of a list view's TCustomListView.OnGetSubItemImage and TListView.OnGetSubItemImage event handlers.
TNodeAttachModeTNodeAttachMode identifies a new or changed tree node relationship.
TNodeCacheTNodeCache is the type for a cached tree-view node.
TOnGetMonthBoldInfoEventType of a calendar's TCommonCalendar.OnGetMonthBoldInfo and TMonthCalendar.OnGetMonthBoldInfo event handlers.
TOnGetMonthInfoEventTOnGetMonthInfoEvent is the type of the Vcl.ComCtrls.TCommonCalendar.OnGetMonthInfo and the Vcl.ComCtrls.TCommonCalendar.OnGetMonthInfo event handlers.
TOwnerDrawStateIndicates state information that can influence how an item is drawn.
TPageScrollerButtonTPageScrollerButton identifies a button on a page scroller.
TPageScrollerButtonStateTPageScrollerButtonState indicates the state of a page scroller button.
TPageScrollerOrientationTPageScrollerOrientation indicates the orientation of a page scroller control.
TPageScrollEventTPageScrollEvent is the type of a page scroller's Vcl.ComCtrls.TPageScroller.OnScroll event handler.
TPositionToolTipSpecifies the position of the tool tip.
TProgressBarOrientationTProgressBarOrientation specifies the orientation of a progress bar.
TProgressBarStateUsed to set the State property in and out of an error or paused state.
TProgressBarStyleUse the TProgressBarStyle enumeration to set the Style property in and out of marquee style.
TRichEditResizeEventTRichEditResizeEvent is the type of a rich edit's TCustomRichEdit.OnResizeRequest and TRichEdit.OnResizeRequest event handlers.
TSBCreatePanelClassEventTSBCreatePanelClassEvent is the type of the Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomStatusBar.OnCreatePanelClass and the Vcl.ComCtrls.TCustomStatusBar.OnCreatePanelClass event handlers.
TSearchDirectionIndicates the direction in which to search for the nearest item to a specified item or point.
TSearchTypeSpecifies search options.
TSearchTypesSet of TSearchType.
TSectionDragEventTSectionDragEvent is the type for event handlers that respond when the user drags a section in a header control.
TSectionNotifyEventTSectionNotifyEvent is the type of a header control's THeaderControl.OnSectionClick and THeaderControl.OnSectionResize event handlers.
TSectionTrackEventTSectionTrackEvent is a procedure called by the OnSectionTrack event.
TSectionTrackStateIndicates the status of the OnSectionTrack event.
TSortTypeTSortType indicates the criteria to use when sorting items.
TStatusPanelBevelTStatusPanelBevel indicates the type of bevel around a panel in a status bar.
TStatusPanelStyleTStatusPanelStyle indicates the kind of contents in a status bar panel.
TSubscriptTypeIndicates whether the related text is Subscript, superscript or normal.
TTabChangingEventTTabChangingEvent is the type of a tab control's TTabControl.OnChanging and TCustomTabControl.OnChanging event handlers.
TTabGetImageEventTTabGetImageEvent is the type of a tab control's TCustomTabControl.OnGetImageIndex and TTabControl.OnGetImageIndex event handlers.
TTabStyleTTabStyle indicates whether a TTabSet control is owner-drawn.
TTBAdvancedCustomDrawBtnEventTTBAdvancedCustomDrawBtnEvent is the type of a list view's TCustomListView.OnGetSubItemImage and TListView.OnGetSubItemImage event handlers..
TTBAdvancedCustomDrawEventTTBAdvancedCustomDrawEvent is the type of a list view's TToolBar.OnAdvancedCustomDraw event handler.
TTBButtonEventTTBButtonEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when the user adds or deletes a tool button in the toolbar customize dialog.
TTBCustomDrawBtnEventTTBCustomDrawBtnEvent is the procedure type of the TToolBar.OnCustomDrawButton event.
TTBCustomDrawEventTTBCustomDrawEvent is the type of a toolbar's TToolBar.OnCustomDraw event handlers.
TTBCustomDrawFlagsTTBCustomDrawFlags is the type of a parameter in the Vcl.ComCtrls.TToolBar.OnAdvancedCustomDrawButton event handler.
TTBCustomizeQueryEventTTBCustomizeQueryEvent is the type of event handlers that allow a toolbar to decide whether to allow a user customization.
TTBDrawingStyleSpecifies the drawing style for the tool bar.
TTBGradientDrawingOptionsSpecifies the style of the gradient.
TTBNewButtonEventTTBNewButtonEvent is the type of a tool button's TToolBar.OnCustomizeNewButton event handlers.
TTickMarkTTickMark indicates the location of the tick marks on a track bar.
TTickStyleTTickStyle indicates how a track bar determines the increments at which tick marks appear.
TToolButtonStyleTToolButtonStyle indicates the type of control a TToolButton object represents.
TTrackBarOrientationTTrackBarOrientation indicates whether a trackbar is horizontal or vertical.
TTVAdvancedCustomDrawEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDraw event.
TTVAdvancedCustomDrawItemEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event.
TTVChangedEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnChange event.
TTVChangingEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnChanging event.
TTVCollapsingEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnCollapsing event.
TTVCompareEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnCompare event.
TTVCreateNodeClassEventTTVCreateNodeClassEvent is the type of a tree view's TCustomTreeView.OnCreateNodeClass event handler.
TTVCustomDrawEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnCustomDraw event.
TTVCustomDrawItemEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnCustomDrawItem event.
TTVEditedEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnEdited event.
TTVEditingEventUsed in the TCustomTreeView.OnEditing event.
TTVEditInstanceVcl.ComCtrls.TTVEditInstance is an alias to an untyped pointer.
TTVExpandedEventRepresents the event handler for events that notify a tree view of changes to one of its nodes.
TTVExpandingEventThis event is used in the TCustomTreeView.OnExpanding event when a node is about to be expanded.
TTVHintEventTTVHintEvent is the type of a tree view's OnHint event handler.
TUDChangingEventType of an up-down control OnChanging event handler.
TUDChangingEventExType of the TUpDown event handler that gets called when the position of an up-down control is about to change.
TUDClickEventType of an OnClick event for an arrow button.
TUpDownDirectionTUpDownDirection indicates the direction in which the position of an updown control changes.
TViewStyleTViewStyle indicates how a list view control displays its items.
TWidthTWidth represents an integer interval.


ColumnHeaderWidthColumnHeaderWidth: Integer = $FFFFFFFE;
ColumnTextWidthColumnTextWidth: Integer = $FFFFFFFF;
ComCtlVersionIE3ComCtlVersionIE3: Integer = $40046;
ComCtlVersionIE4ComCtlVersionIE4: Integer = $40047;
ComCtlVersionIE401ComCtlVersionIE401: Integer = $40048;
ComCtlVersionIE5ComCtlVersionIE5: Integer = $50050;
ComCtlVersionIE501ComCtlVersionIE501: Integer = $50051;
ComCtlVersionIE6ComCtlVersionIE6: Integer = $60000;
ComCtlVersionIE610ComCtlVersionIE610: Integer = $6000A;