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TCoolBar = class(TToolWindow)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCoolBar : public Vcl::Toolwin::TToolWindow


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.ComCtrls Vcl.ComCtrls


TCoolBar displays a collection of windowed controls within movable, resizable bands.

TCoolBar is a wrapper class for a Windows rebar control, more commonly known as a CoolBar. A CoolBar contains child controls that can be moved and resized independently. Each control resides on an individual band, represented by a TCoolBand object listed in the Bands property. The user positions the controls by dragging the sizing grip to the left of each band.

If its FixedSize property is true, a CoolBar can contain any kind control. If FixedSize is false, only wrapper controls (instances of TWinControl descendants) can appear on the CoolBar.

To create a bar that acts as a docking site for tool bars and other controls, use TControlBar instead.

Note: TCoolBar requires version 4.70 or later of COMCTL32.DLL. This file, which usually resides in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM or WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory, is required at both design time and runtime. Contact Microsoft for information about deploying COMCTL32.DLL.

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