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property OwnerData: Boolean read FOwnerData write SetOwnerData default False;


__property bool OwnerData = {read=FOwnerData, write=SetOwnerData, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.ComCtrls TCustomListView


Specifies whether the list view control is virtual.

Set OwnerData to true to specify that the list view is virtual. A virtual list view can contain a huge number of items (specifically, up to a DWORD). However, you must manage the items of a virtual list view using the OnData, OnDataFind, OnDataHint, and OnDataStateChange event handlers. For example, you must explicitly provide a value to a list item's StateIndex property if it is to display a check box.

When creating a virtual list view, you must set the Count property for the Items to the number of items in the virtual list.

The only information contained in a virtual list view control is the selection and focus information.

To improve the performance of a virtual list view control, cache items for quick retrieval. The OnDataHint event can help optimize retrieval from the cache.

Note: Virtual list views need not be owner-drawn. The OnData, OnDataFind, OnDataHint, and OnDataStateChange events enable the list view's default drawing, if desired.

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