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property ActivePage: TTabSheet read FActivePage write SetActivePage;


__property TTabSheet* ActivePage = {read=FActivePage, write=SetActivePage};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.ComCtrls TPageControl


Specifies the page currently displayed by the page control.

Read ActivePage to determine which page is selected by the user. The user selects a page by clicking the mouse on its tab. Set ActivePage to bring a page to the foreground. Only one page can be active at a time.

To change the ActivePage to the page that precedes or follows the active page, use the SelectNextPage method. To iterate through all the pages to locate a specific page, use the FindNextPage method.

Two events occur when one attempts to change the current page. They are OnChange and OnChanging. OnChanging occurs immediately before you attempt to change the current page, while OnChange occurs immediately after the page has been changed.

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