Vcl.DBLookup.TPopupGrid Properties

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ActionpublicSpecifies the action associated with the control.
ActionLinkprotectedContains the action link object associated with the control.
AlignpublishedDetermines how the control aligns within its container (parent control).
AlignDisabledpublicIndicates child control realignment disabled.
AlignWithMarginspublishedSpecifies whether a control should be constrained by margins.
AnchorspublishedSpecifies how the control is anchored to its parent.
AutoSizeprotectedSpecifies whether the control sizes itself automatically to accommodate its contents.
BevelEdgesprotectedSpecifies which edges of the control are beveled.
BevelInnerprotectedSpecifies the cut of the inner bevel.
BevelKindprotectedSpecifies the control's bevel style.
BevelOuterprotectedSpecifies the cut of the outer bevel.
BevelWidthprotectedSpecifies the width of the inner and outer bevels.
BiDiModepublicSpecifies the bidirectional mode for the control.
BorderStylepublishedDetermines whether a single line border is drawn around the grid.
BorderWidthprotectedSpecifies the width of the control's border.
BoundsRectpublicSpecifies the bounding rectangle of the control, expressed in the coordinate system of the parent control.
BrushpublicDetermines the color and pattern used for painting the background of the control.
CanvasprotectedSpecifies the TCanvas object that presents a drawing surface for the control.
CaptionprotectedSpecifies a text string that identifies the control to the user.
CellAlignmentsprotectedCellAlignments property returns the text alignment in the cell specified by ACol column and ARow row.
ClientHeightpublicSpecifies the height of the control's client area in pixels.
ClientOriginpublicSpecifies the screen coordinates (in pixels) of the upper-left corner of a control's client area.
ClientRectpublicSpecifies the size of a control's client area in pixels.
ClientWidthpublicSpecifies the horizontal size of the control's client area in pixels.
ColprotectedSpecifies the index of the column that contains the selected cell.
ColAlignmentsprotectedColAlignments property allows you to specify the text alignment for the column specified by Index. If not specified, then TCustomGrid.DefaultColAlignment will be used.
ColCountprotectedSpecifies the number of columns in the grid.
ColorpublishedSpecifies the background color of the control.
ColumnsprotectedDescribes the display attributes and field bindings of the columns.
ColWidthsprotectedIndicates the width (in pixels) of all the columns in the grid.
ComObjectpublicSpecifies the interface reference implemented by the component.
ComponentCountpublicIndicates the number of components owned by the component.
ComponentIndexpublicIndicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array.
ComponentspublicLists all components owned by the component.
ComponentStatepublicDescribes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions.
ComponentStylepublicGoverns the behavior of the component.
ConstraintspublishedSpecifies the size constraints for the control.
ControlCountpublicReturns the number of child controls.
ControlspublicLists all child controls.
ControlStatepublicSpecifies the current state of a control at run time.
ControlStylepublicDetermines style characteristics of the control.
Ctl3DpublishedDetermines whether a control has a three-dimensional (3-D) or two-dimensional look.
CursorpublishedSpecifies the image used to represent the mouse pointer when it passes into the region covered by the control.
CustomHintpublishedCustomHint is a custom hint for the control.
DataFieldpublishedSpecifies the field whose value is represented by the lookup list control.
DataLinkprotectedHelps the data-aware grid manage its link to the data source and respond to data events.
DataSourcepublishedIdentifies the link to the dataset where TDBLookupList finds its data.
DefaultColAlignmentprotectedDefaultColAlignment is the default text alignment for all columns where alignment is not explicitly specified using TCustomGrid.ColAlignments.
DefaultColWidthprotectedDetermines the width (in pixels) of all columns that have not been explicitly resized.
DefaultDrawingprotectedIndicates whether the cells in the data-aware grid are drawn automatically.
DefaultRowHeightprotectedSpecifies the height (in pixels) of all rows that have not been explicitly resized.
DefWndProcprotectedSpecifies the default window procedure for the windowed control.
DesignInfopublicContains information used by the Form designer.
DesktopFontprotectedSpecifies whether the control uses the Windows icon font when writing text.
DisplayValuepublicSpecifies the display value of an item in the lookup list.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DockClientCountpublicSpecifies the number of controls that are docked on the windowed control.
DockClientspublicLists the controls that are docked to the windowed control.
DockManagerpublicSpecifies the control's docking manager interface.
DockOrientationpublicDockOrientation specifies how the control is docked relative to other controls docked in the same parent.
DockSitepublicSpecifies whether the control can be the target of drag-and-dock operations.
DoubleBufferedpublicDetermines whether the control's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first.
DragCursorpublishedSpecifies the image used to represent the mouse pointer when the control is being dragged.
DragKindprotectedSpecifies whether the control is being dragged normally or for docking.
DragModepublishedSpecifies how the control initiates drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operations.
DrawingStyleprotectedDetermines the style used when drawing the grid.
EditorModepublicDetermines whether the current cell can be edited.
EnabledpublishedControls whether the control responds to mouse, keyboard, and timer events.
ExplicitHeightpublicSpecifies the explicit vertical size of the control in pixels.
ExplicitLeftpublicSpecifies the explicit horizontal pixel coordinate of the left edge of a component relative to its parent.
ExplicitToppublicSpecifies the explicit vertical pixel coordinate of the top edge of a component relative to its parent.
ExplicitWidthpublicSpecifies the explicit horizontal size of the control in pixels.
FieldCountpublicSpecifies the number of fields (columns) displayed in the grid.
FieldspublicProvides indexed access to the field components that correspond to the columns.
FixedColorprotectedSpecifies the background color of the fixed rows and columns in the grid.
FixedColsprotectedSpecifies the number of columns on the left of the grid that cannot be scrolled.
FixedRowsprotectedSpecifies the number of rows on the top of the grid that cannot be scrolled.
FloatingpublicSpecifies whether the control is floating.
FloatingDockSiteClasspublicSpecifies the class of the temporary control that hosts the control when it is floating.
FontpublishedSpecifies the attributes of text written on or in the control.
GradientEndColorprotectedDetermines the ending gradient color.
GradientStartColorprotectedDetermines the starting gradient color.
GridHeightprotectedSpecifies the height of the grid in pixels.
GridLineWidthprotectedSpecifies the width (in pixels) of the lines that separate the cells of the grid.
GridWidthprotectedSpecifies the width of the grid in pixels.
HandlepublicProvides access to the underlying Windows screen object for the control.
HeightpublishedSpecifies the vertical size of the control in pixels.
HelpContextpublishedThe HelpContext property contains the numeric context ID that identifies the Help topic for the control.
HelpKeywordpublishedThe HelpKeyword property contains the keyword string that identifies the Help topic for the control.
HelpTypepublishedSpecifies whether the control's context-sensitive Help topic is identified by a context ID or by keyword.
HintpublishedHint contains the text string that appears when the user moves the mouse over the control.
HitTestprotectedIndicates the current position of the mouse cursor.
HostDockSitepublicSpecifies the control in which the control is docked.
ImeModepublishedDetermines the behavior of the input method editor (IME).
ImeNamepublishedSpecifies the input method editor (IME) to use for converting keyboard input to Asian language characters.
IndicatorOffsetprotectedIndicates the index of the first column in the grid that contains data.
InplaceEditorprotectedDesignates the edit control the grid uses to allow users to edit the contents of the selected cell.
IsControlprotectedSpecifies whether a form stores its form-specific properties to a stream.
LayoutLockprotectedCounts the number of times BeginLayout has been called without an EndLayout or CancelLayout call.
LeftpublishedSpecifies the horizontal coordinate of the left edge of a component relative to its parent.
LeftColprotectedSpecifies the index of the first visible scrollable column in the grid.
LookupDisplaypublishedIdentifies the lookup field that is displayed by the lookup list control.
LookupFieldpublishedIdentifies the lookup field whose value is represented by the lookup list control.
LookupSourcepublishedIdentifies the link to the dataset where TDBLookupList looks up its data.
LRDockWidthpublicSpecifies the width of the control when it is docked horizontally.
MarginspublishedSpecifies the margins of the control.
MouseCaptureprotectedSpecifies whether the control has "captured" mouse events.
MouseInClientpublicIndicates whether the mouse pointer is currently in the client area of the control.
NamepublishedSpecifies the name of the component as referenced in code.
ObserverspublicIndicates the TObservers object added to the TComponent.
OnDblClickpublishedOccurs when the user double-clicks the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is over the control.
OnDragDroppublishedOccurs when the user drops an object being dragged.
OnDragOverpublishedOccurs when the user drags an object over a control.
OnEndDragpublishedOccurs when the dragging of an object ends, either by dropping the object or by canceling the dragging.
OnEnterpublishedOccurs when a control receives the input focus.
OnExitpublishedOccurs when the input focus shifts away from one control to another.
OnKeyDownpublishedOccurs when a user presses any key while the control has focus.
OnKeyPresspublishedOccurs when a key is pressed.
OnKeyUppublishedOccurs when the user releases a key that was pressed.
OnStartDragpublishedOccurs when the user begins to drag the control or an object it contains by left-clicking the control and holding the mouse button down.
OptionspublishedDetermines how the lookup list displays on the screen.
OwnerpublicIndicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component.
PaddingpublicSpecifies the padding of a control.
ParentpublicSpecifies the parent of the control.
ParentBackgroundprotectedDetermines whether the control uses its parent's theme background.
ParentBiDiModeprotectedSpecifies whether the control uses its parent's BiDiMode.
ParentColorpublishedSpecifies where a control looks for its color information.
ParentCtl3DpublishedDetermines where a component looks to determine whether it should have a three-dimensional look.
ParentCustomHintpublishedSpecifies where a control looks for its custom hint.
ParentDoubleBufferedpublicParentDoubleBuffered defers the DoubleBuffered property of this component to the value of the parent's DoubleBuffered property.
ParentFontpublishedSpecifies where a control looks for its font information.
ParentShowHintpublishedSpecifies where a control looks to find out if its Help Hint should be shown.
ParentWindowpublicReference to parent's underlying control.
PopupMenupublishedSpecifies the pop-up menu associated with the control.
ReadOnlypublishedDetermines whether the user can change the value of the field.
RowprotectedSpecifies the index of the row that contains the selected cell.
RowCountpublicSpecifies the number of rows in the grid.
RowHeightsprotectedGives the height (in pixels) of all rows in the grid.
ScalingFlagsprotectedReflects which attributes of the control have been scaled.
ScrollBarsprotectedSpecifies whether the grid includes horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
SelectedFieldpublicSpecifies the field component for the currently selected cell in the grid.
SelectedIndexpublicSpecifies the index of the currently selected column in the Columns array.
SelectedRowsprotectedSpecifies a set of bookmarks for all the records in the dataset that correspond to rows selected in the grid.
SelectionprotectedIndicates the boundaries of the current selection.
ShowHintpublishedShowHint specifies whether to show the Help Hint when the mouse pointer moves over the control.
ShowingpublicIndicates whether the control is showing on the screen.
StyleElementspublishedSpecifies the style elements that are used by the control.
TabOrderpublishedIndicates the position of the control in its parent's tab order.
TabStoppublishedDetermines whether the user can tab to a control.
TabStopsprotectedIndicates whether the user can tab to specified columns in the grid.
TagpublishedStores a NativeInt integral value as a part of a component.
TBDockHeightpublicSpecifies the height of the control when it is docked vertically.
TextprotectedContains a text string associated with the control.
TipModeprotectedTipMode indicates whether TabTip (onscreen keyboard equivalent) opens or closes when the control receives focus or if it receives a gesture.
TitleFontprotectedDescribes the font used to draw the column titles in the grid.
ToppublishedSpecifies the Y coordinate of the upper-left corner of a control, relative to its parent or containing control in pixels.
TopRowprotectedSpecifies the index of the first visible scrollable row in the grid.
TouchpublicSpecifies the touch manager component associated with the control.
UndockHeightpublicSpecifies the height of the control when it is floating.
UndockWidthpublicSpecifies the width of the control when it is floating.
UpdateLockprotectedCounts the number of times BeginUpdate is called without a corresponding call to EndUpdate.
UseDockManagerpublicSpecifies whether the docking manager is used in drag-and-dock operations.
ValuepublicSpecifies the value of an item in the lookup list.
VCLComObjectpublicRepresents information used internally by components that support COM.
VisiblepublishedSpecifies whether the component appears onscreen.
VisibleColCountprotectedIndicates the number of scrollable columns visible in the grid.
VisibleDockClientCountpublicSpecifies the number of visible controls that are docked on the windowed control.
VisibleRowCountprotectedIndicates the number of scrollable rows visible in the grid.
WheelAccumulatorprotectedAccumulates mouse wheel rotations.
WidthpublishedSpecifies the horizontal size of the control or form in pixels.
WindowHandleprotectedProvides access to a window handle for the control.
WindowTextprotectedSpecifies the text string of the control.