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property DefaultKbLayout: HKL read FDefaultKbLayout;


__property HKL DefaultKbLayout = {read=FDefaultKbLayout, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Forms TScreen


Indicates the Windows handle to the keyboard layout that was active when the application started running.

Use DefaultKbLayout for making Windows API calls that require a handle to a keyboard layout. For example, if an application changes the keyboard layout to match the settings for another country, the value of DefaultKbLayout can be used as a parameter to the Windows ActivateKeyboardLayout function in order to restore the original layout.

For Asian keyboards, the keyboard layout identifies the input method editor (IME) as well as the default language. Use DefaultKbLayout in Windows API calls that work with the IME. DefaultKbLayout is the keyboard layout handle associated with the IME named by the DefaultIme property.

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