Vcl.Grids.TCustomGrid Fields

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FAnchorMoveprotectedSpecifies whether the control must keep its dimensions when it is moved, while being anchored to the form.
FAnchorOriginprotectedSpecifies the coordinates of the anchor associated with the control.
FAnchorRulesprotectedSpecifies the original coordinates of the anchor associated with the control.
FAsyncListprotectedInternal TList that stores pending asynchronous method calls for the control.
FComponentStyleprotectedFComponentStyle is the field of the ComponentStyle read-only property.
FCurrentPPIprotectedIndicates the current PPI value for the control.
FDesignSizeprotectedSpecifies the design-time dimensions of the control.
FDoubleBufferedprotectedThe internal field corresponding to the DoubleBuffered property
FExplicitHeightprotectedSpecifies the explicit vertical size of the control in pixels.
FExplicitLeftprotectedSpecifies the explicit horizontal pixel coordinate of the left edge of a component. The coordinate is relative to the component’s parent.
FExplicitTopprotectedSpecifies the explicit vertical pixel coordinate of the top edge of a component. The coordinate is relative to the component's parent.
FExplicitWidthprotectedSpecifies the explicit horizontal size of the control in pixels.
FGridStateprotectedSpecifies state information about how the grid layout changes.
FHotTrackCellprotectedSpecifies the currently hot-tracked cell.
FInImeCompositionprotectedSpecifies whether the IME is in the process of generating the composition string.
FInternalColorprotectedSpecifies the color used to draw cells.
FInternalDrawingStyleprotectedSpecifies the style in which the grid is drawn.
FOriginalParentSizeprotectedSpecifies the original size of the parent to which the control is anchored.
FReservedprotectedFReserved is an internal Delphi variable and should not be used.
FSaveCellExtentsprotectedInternal field.
FScaleFactorprotectedIndicates the current scale factor for the control.
VirtualViewprotectedControls the use of maximum screen clipping optimizations when the grid window changes size.