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property Align: TAlignLayout read FAlign write SetAlign default TAlignLayout.None;


__property Fmx::Types::TAlignLayout Align = {read=FAlign, write=SetAlign, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Controls TControl


Specifies the alignment options (top, left, client, and so on) of this control.

Use Align to automatically set the alignment of the current control. Setting Align to a value different than None can affect the position, size (height and width), and anchors of the control. By default, Align is set to None.

Descendants of TControl typically set the visibility and value for the Align property. For example, for TToolBar, Align defaults to TAlignLayout.Top.

To see the possible values for Align and their visible effects over the control, see FMX.Types.TAlignLayout.

Controls that have the Align or Anchors properties set can use a Scale that is different from the default (1,1), so that controls align together even when they have a custom scale.

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