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TLightMaterial = class(TCustomMaterial)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TLightMaterial : public TCustomMaterial


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Materials FMX.Materials


Describes a material that interacts with the light source.

To set the behavior of the material under the light influence, set the following color properties:

  • Ambient--provides a base color to surfaces so that they may be seen.
  • Emissive--determines whether a surface emits its own light or glows.
  • Diffuse--it interacts directly with light, including the angle of incidence.
  • Specular--simulates a glossy surface by reflecting incident light at a specific angle, instead of diffusing light at many angles. Use Shininess to set how shiny the surface is.

The texture of TLightMaterial is specified through the Texture property.

By default, color properties are set to simulate the shadows added to the object by the source of light. If there is no source light, Emissive is the only color property that has effect over the object.

To link this material to a 3D object, use a TLightMaterialSource.

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