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property Active: Boolean read GetActive write SetActive default False;


__property bool Active = {read=GetActive, write=SetActive, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Xml.XMLDoc TXMLDocument


Specifies whether the XML document has been parsed so that the DOM interfaces are available to examine or change its contents.

Before you can use TXMLDocument to examine or change the contents of an XML document, it must be active. Setting Active to true causes TXMLDocument to do the following:

1.Generate a BeforeOpen event.

2.If necessary, load the DOM parser and assign the DOMImplementation property.

3.Parse the XML document specified by FileName or, if FileName is an empty string, by the XML property using the options specified by ParseOptions. If both FileName and XML are empty strings, TXMLDocument creates an empty document. The interface for the parsed document is assigned to the DOMDocument property.

4. Generate an AfterOpen event.

Note: Once the DOMDocument property is assigned, you can also use the DocumentElement property.

Setting Active to false causes TXMLDocument to do the following:

1.Generate a BeforeClose event.

2.Release all of the DOM interfaces, such as DOMDocument and DocumentElement, that represent the parsed XML document.

3. Generate an AfterClose event.

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