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TCustomSQLDataSet = class(TDataSet)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomSQLDataSet : public Data::Db::TDataSet


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.SqlExpr Data.SqlExpr


TCustomSQLDataSet is the base class for all dbExpress dataset components.

TCustomSQLDataSet encapsulates the properties, events, and methods for working with data accessed through dbExpress. Applications should not instantiate TCustomSQLDataSet objects. Instead, instantiate one of the descendant classes: TSQLDataSet, TSQLTable, TSQLQuery, or TSQLStoredProc.

TCustomSQLDataSet and its descendants represent unidirectional datasets. Unlike other datasets, unidirectional datasets do not buffer multiple records in memory. Because of this, they have the following limitations:

There is no searching or navigation support except for moving to the first record or moving to the next record.

There is no built-in editing support. The data underlying an SQL dataset can only be edited by explicitly creating an SQL UPDATE command or by connecting the SQL dataset to a client dataset using a provider.

There is no support for filtering records or for lookup fields.

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