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property MasterFields: string read GetMasterFields write SetMasterFields;


__property System::UnicodeString MasterFields = {read=GetMasterFields, write=SetMasterFields};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.SqlExpr TSQLTable


Identifies the fields from the master dataset to use for linking this table as the detail of a master/detail relationship.

Use MasterFields to identify the fields in another (master) dataset that can be used as link fields in a master/detail relationship. MasterFields is a semicolon-delimited set of field names, where each name identifies a field in the master dataset. The master dataset is the dataset associated with the datasource specified by MasterSource. Each of the fields in MasterFields must be matched to a corresponding field from the IndexFieldNames property.

At design-time, double-click on the MasterFields property in the Object Inspector to use the Field Link designer to help you define the master/detail relationship. You can only use the Field Link designer if you have already specified the IndexName or IndexFieldNames property and the MasterSource property.

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