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Datasnap is the unit scope for all units that implement DataSnap functionality such as authentication, DataSnap servers, DataSnap REST clients, DataSnap proxies, HTTP layer, Midas, and related services.

Unit Scopes

Datasnap.WinUnit scope for DataSnap units that define interfaces with various Windows services.


Datasnap.DataBkrDefines classes that implement a remote data module, a provider data module, and a number of functions that enable or disable web/socket transports.
Datasnap.DBClientDefines classes that implement database-independent datasets, connection brokers, remote servers for multi-tiered database applications, aggregate fields, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSAuthDefines classes that implement the DataSnap authentication manager, DataSnap user roles for marking server methods or server method classes for authorization purposes, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSClientMetadataDefines classes that implement DataSnap metadata, connection, REST, and server providers and DataSnap proxy generators.
Datasnap.DSClientRestDefines interfaces that define the structure for REST cached datasets, items, JSON arrays, objects and values, cached objects, parameters or streams. Also defines classes that implement these interfaces and provide further functionality, such as DataSnap REST client callbacks, REST commands, REST connection components, login properties and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSCommonContains implementations of callback items and client callback channel manager. Also a helper class for the DataSnap session and some event types in order to support the implemented functionality.
Datasnap.DSCommonProxyDefines interfaces that define the structure of DataSnap proxy metadata loaders and proxy writers, and classes that implement these interfaces along with other related functionality such as DataSnap proxy parameters, methods, metadata, exceptions and stream writers.
Datasnap.DSCommonServerDefines classes that implement functionality related to DataSnap servers, such as DataSnap administrative built-in server methods, DataSnap command handlers, connections requesting database metadata, server methods, server transport protocol, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSConnectDefines classes that provide connectivity to DataSnap servers using dbExpress.
Datasnap.DSCustomConnectorProxyWriterDefines a class that implements a basic connection proxy writer. It can be extended in subclasses.
Datasnap.DSHTTPDefines classes that implement DataSnap HTTP file dispatcher components, HTTP/HTTPS client functionality, various Indy implementations of DataSnap HTTP context, requests and responses, HTTP service components and service file dispatchers, and more.
Datasnap.DSHTTPClientDefines classes that implement HTTP and HTTPS client functionality.
Datasnap.DSHTTPCommonDefines classes that implement DataSnap response handlers, callback items pairing, client callback managers, execution response wrappers, abstract DataSnap HTTP context, request and response, DataSnap HTTP servers and transport, JSON response handlers, DataSnap session tunnel information, and more.
Datasnap.DSHTTPServiceProxyDispatcherDefines a class that implements a proxy dispatcher for DataSnap servers that are not based on WebBroker technology.
Datasnap.DSHTTPWebBrokerDefines classes that implement WebBroker functionality (context, request, response, and web dispatcher) over HTTP connections.
Datasnap.DSMetadataDefines a base class that implements a basic metadata provider that is the ancestor of the server metadata provider.
Datasnap.DSNamesDefines classes that implement DataSnap server methods, various columns, DataSnap life cycle functionality, metadata methods and parameter columns, and more.
Datasnap.DSPlatformDefines classes that implement dbExpress server commands, and a set of static methods for basic DataSnap support.
Datasnap.DSProxyContains a class that implements a way of accessing administrative built-in server methods from the client side.
Datasnap.DSProxyDispatcherDefines a class that implements a proxy dispatcher for WebBroker based DataSnap services.
Datasnap.DSProxyRestDefines classes that implement a proxy for executing DSAdmin functions, a DataSnap REST client, and a DataSnap REST proxy metadata loader.
Datasnap.DSProxyUtilsDefines classes that implement a set of utilities for DataSnap proxy writers.
Datasnap.DSProxyWriterContains classes that implement a DataSnap proxy writer, a factory for these proxy writers and various supporting types.
Datasnap.DSReflectDefines classes that implement DataSnap methods, method classes and values, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSServerDefines classes that implement DataSnap callback tunnels, items to be sent through these tunnels, events, tunnel managers, provider module adapters, DataSnap servers that manage the creation and lifetime of transports and server classes, a driver between the dbExpress framework and the DataSnap server, a DataSnap server module, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSServerMetadataDefines classes that provide DataSnap server metadata.
Datasnap.DSServiceDefines classes that implement DataSnap stateless services, various JSON converters, methods for synchronizing the local channel, and related functionality.
Datasnap.DSSessionContains classes that implement HTTP session managers for local/remote DataSnap instances, TCP sessions, HTTP tunneling logic and HTTP communication protocols, and DataSnap session managers.
Datasnap.DSTCPServerTransportDefines classes that implement DataSnap TCP communication channels, connection event and the socked-based transport for a DataSnap server. Also defines related functionality, such as keep alive, connection and disconnection events, and more.
Datasnap.MidasProvides interfacing with the Midas library.
Datasnap.ProviderDefines classes that implement DataSnap provider functionality, such as providers, resolvers, packet datasets, SQL resolvers, and related functionality.