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function PackageParams(Params: TParams; Types: TParamTypes = AllParamTypes): OleVariant;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE System::OleVariant __fastcall PackageParams(Data::Db::TParams* Params, Data::Db::TParamTypes Types = (Data::Db::TParamTypes() << Data::Db::TParamType::ptUnknown << Data::Db::TParamType::ptInput << Data::Db::TParamType::ptOutput << Data::Db::TParamType::ptInputOutput << Data::Db::TParamType::ptResult ));


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.DBClient Datasnap.DBClient


Converts a TParams object into an OleVariant that can be used in multi-tiered applications.

IAppServer methods that pass parameter values to or from the application server use an OleVariant to represent those parameters. Client datasets use PackageParams to convert their Params property into the OleVariant format. Use PackageParams to encode parameter values when using the IAppServer interface directly rather than using the methods of TClientDataSet.

The Params parameter is a TParams object (usually the Params property of the source component) whose parameter values are to be encoded.

The Types parameter indicates which parameters from the Params parameter are to be included. This allows applications to include, for example, only input parameters if no others are needed.

PackageParams returns an OleVariant that encodes the parameter values as a Variant array.

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