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property Pixels[X, Y: Integer]: TColor read GetPixel write SetPixel;


__property System::Uitypes::TColor Pixels[int X][int Y] = {read=GetPixel, write=SetPixel};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Graphics TCustomCanvas


Specifies the color of the pixels within the current ClipRect.

Read Pixels to learn the color on the drawing surface at a specific pixel position within the current clipping region. If the position is outside the clipping rectangle, reading the value of Pixels returns -1.

Write Pixels to change the color of individual pixels on the drawing surface. Use Pixels for detailed effects on an image. Pixels may also be used to determine the color that should be used for the FillRect method.

Not every device context supports the Pixels property. Reading the Pixels property for such a device context returns a value of -1. Setting the Pixels property for such a device context does nothing.

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