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Go Up to File Menu

Requires node in the Projects Window | Add...

Use the Requires tab of the Add dialog box to add a package to the Requires clause in the current package (and, at the same time, to display in the Requires node in the Projects Window).

What Requires Means: When a Delphi package is required by another package, RAD Studio must find the required package's .dcpil file in order to compile the package that requires it.

Item Description

Package name

Enter the name of the package to add to your project's Requires clause and to the Requires node in the Project Manager. If the package is in the Search Path, a full path name is not required. (If the package directory is not in the Search Path, the search path will be added to the end.)

Search Path

If you haven't included a full directory path in the Package name edit box (see above), make sure this list contains the directory where your package resides. If you add a directory in this Search Path edit box, you will be changing the Global Library Search Path, which is used, for example, in Code Browsing and many other IDE features.