Adding Participants to the Patterns as First Class Citizens

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Patterns as First Class Citizens are represented by the GoF patterns. When such patterns are applied, the elements are created with the standard number of participants. However, you can add allowed participants to the existing pattern object. If you add participants, links between the pattern object and the new participants are created. An FCC pattern is displayed on a diagram as an oval with the pattern name and an expandable list of participants.

To add a participant to a GoF pattern:

  1. Right-click the First Class Citizen pattern element in the Diagram View or Model View. (In the Diagram View, it is represented as an oval pattern element.) The context menu opens.
  2. Choose Add on the context menu. The submenu presents the list of allowed participants.
  3. Choose the required participant.
  4. In the Pattern Action wizard, specify the name of the new participant, and click OK.
Tip: If the participant with the specified name already exists, it is reused if the pattern was created with the Use Existent property.

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