Adding a Toolbar Using a Panel Component

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To add a toolbar to a form using the panel component

  1. Add a panel component to the form (from the Standard category of the Tool palette).
  2. Set the panel's Align property to alTop. When aligned to the top of the form, the panel maintains its height, but matches its width to the full width of the form's client area, even if the window changes size.
  3. Add speed buttons or other controls to the panel.

Speed buttons are designed to work on toolbar panels. A speed button usually has no caption, only a small graphic (called a glyph), which represents the button's function.

Speed buttons have three possible modes of operation. They can

  • Act like regular pushbuttons
  • Toggle on and off when clicked
  • Act like a set of radio buttons

To implement speed buttons on toolbars, do the following:

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