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You can add and remove a variety of file types to your projects, and there are several ways to add files.

To add a selected file to a project

  1. Choose Project > Add to Project. The Add to Project dialog box appears.
  2. Select a file to add and click Open. The file appears below the Project.exe node of the Project Manager.

To add an empty file to your project

  1. Select File > New > Other.
  2. In the New Items dialog box, select Other Files in the lefthand column.
  3. From the righthand column, select Text File and click OK.
  4. The New File dialog box appears, with a list of file extensions.
    • If the file extension you want is on the list, select it and click OK.
    • Otherwise, enter the file extension in the Or enter any extension field and click OK.
  5. If Add new file to current project is checked, a new file is added to your project, such as New1.txt or New1.doc. Otherwise, the file is created and opened in the Code Editor, but is not yet part of your project.
Note: Each time you enter a new file extension, the extension is added to the list in the New file dialog box.
To remove a file extension from the list, select the extension and click Remove.

To drag and drop a file from the Code Editor to the Project Manager

  1. Click and hold down the mouse button on the tab of the file (in the Code Editor) that you want to add to your project.
  2. Drag the tab to the Project Manager window.
  3. Select the location in the project hierarchy where you want to place the file. You cannot drop the file onto a blank area in the Project Manager; the international NO symbol appears whenever the mouse cursor is over a location where you cannot drop the file.
  4. Release the mouse button. A dialog box appears asking if you want to add the file to your project. Click Yes to add the file at the location you selected; click No to do nothing.

To remove a file from a project

  1. Choose Project > Remove From Project .A Remove From Project dialog box appears.
  2. Select the file or files you want to remove and click OK.

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