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The VCL animation component is a window that silently displays an Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) clip. An AVI clip is a series of bitmap frames, like a movie. Although AVI clips can have sound, animation controls work only with silent AVI clips. The files you use must be either uncompressed AVI files or AVI clips compressed using run-length encoding (RLE).

Following are some of the properties of an animation component:

  • ResHandle is the Windows handle for the module that contains the AVI clip as a resource. Set ResHandle at run time to the instance handle or module handle of the module that includes the animation resource. After setting ResHandle, set the ResID or ResName property to specify which resource in the indicated module is the AVI clip that should be displayed by the animation control.
  • Set AutoSize to True to have the animation control adjust its size to the size of the frames in the AVI clip.
  • StartFrame and StopFrame specify in which frames to start and stop the clip.
  • Set CommonAVI to display one of the common Windows AVI clips provided in Shell32.DLL.
  • Specify when to start and interrupt the animation by setting the Active property to True and False, respectively, and how many repetitions to play by setting the Repetitions property.
  • The Timers property lets you display the frames using a timer. This is useful for synchronizing the animation sequence with other actions, such as playing a sound track.

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