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Go Up to Target Options

Project > Options > Apply...

Click the Apply... button in the Target Options area of the Project Options dialog box to open this dialog box.

Item Description

Option Set File

Lists option sets that have been applied (either by reference or by value) to the current project. Click [...] to display a file selection dialog and add an option set to this field.

Add as reference

Inserts the values from the option set before values in the build configuration, and later updates the values in the build configuration whenever the values are changed in the parent option set. The local option values are checked against the referenced option set and updated as necessary whenever a project is built or loaded. If a referenced option set changes, all configurations of all projects referencing that option set are updated, so use the Add as reference option with caution.

Modify this configuration

Applies the option set by value to the current build configuration. The selection in the Priority field controls how the option set values are merged with those of the current configuration. In contrast to Add as reference, this option makes changes in the actual configuration.


Is enabled when you choose Modify this configuration. Specifies how to apply the values of the option set to the current build configuration. You have three choices:

Replace all values

Overwrites all values in the current build configuration with those in the option set. This results in a build configuration that matches the option set exactly.

Option set file

Adds all values in the option set file (overwriting the values of those options in the current build configuration). Values that do not exist in the option set are not changed in the configuration. The values in the option set replace the current values, giving priority to the option set.

This configuration

Retains all the values set in the current configuration, and adds values of only those options in the option set file that are not set in the current configuration.

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