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Go Up to Type Library Editor

Use this dialog box to review and confirm proposed changes to the sources when you refresh, save, or register the type library by using the Type Library editor.

Item Description

Select Updates

Displays the changes, in order, that will be made to your project. Check or uncheck the box next to each change to include or exclude the changes to that file. If you uncheck a change on which later changes depend (for example the creation of a file to which later changes add code), the later changes are automatically unchecked.


Displays all the changes that will be added to implement the currently selected change. When you click OK, the changes in this edit window, including any modifications you make within the dialog, are added for every update checked in the Select Updates list. If an update consists of new code that is added to a file, the Details box shows a single edit control that displays the new code. If the update modifies existing code, the Details page shows two text windows: the first is the new code that reflects the modifications, and the second shows the original code that has been changed.

Do not show this dialog again

Prevents this dialog box from being displayed each time you modify a type library and attempt to refresh, save, or register the type library. Check this box to implement changes without checking with you.

Checking this box also unchecks the Display updates before refreshing option on the Type Library page of Tools > Options > Environment Options > Delphi Options .

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