Asking the Help Manager for Information

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A Help viewer communicates with the Help Manager through the methods of the System.HelpIntfs.IHelpManager interface, an instance of which is returned to the Help viewer when it registers with the Help Manager. The System.HelpIntfs.IHelpManager interface provides to the Help viewer 3 functions to communicate with the Help Manager:

  • HelpIntfs.IHelpManager.GetHandle: THandle--called by the Help viewer if it needs to know the window handle of the currently active control. It returns the window handle of the control.
  • HelpIntfs.IHelpManager.GetHelpFile: String--called by the Help viewer if it needs to know the name and location of the Help file which should contain the Help about the currently active control.
  • HelpIntfs.IHelpManager.Release--called by the Help viewer if it needs to notify the Help Manager that the Help viewer is shutting itself down in response to something other than a request from the Help Manager to shut down.
It should never be called in response to a request through HelpIntfs.ICustomHelpViewer.ShutDown. Release can only notify the Help Manager of unexpected disconnects.

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