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BCC32 is the RAD Studio C++ compiler for 32-bit Windows. RAD Studio provides BCC32C, a newer C++ compiler for 32-bit Windows that is based on Clang, as an optional alternative to BCC32.

Note: For 64-bit Windows, use BCC64.

General Information

Field Value
Calling Conventions
  • MSVC __fastcall
  • C
  • Pascal
  • Register
  • Standard Call
Name Mangling Borland
Standard Library Dinkumware
Note: The classic Code Gear C++ compiler (BCC32) requires the dinkumware Include directory. Remember to set the BCC32 variable by adding this directory to the Windows-Embarcadero.cmake, at the top of the file:
include_directories(SYSTEM "${ROOTDIR}/include/dinkumware")
include_directories(SYSTEM "${ROOTDIR}/include/dinkumware64")

Output Files

File Type File Extension File Format
Executable .exe PE32
Shared Library .dll PE32
Static Library .lib OMF
Compiled Object .obj OMF

Writing C++ Code for BCC32

To write C++ code specifically for BCC32, use:

#if defined(__BORLANDC__) && !defined(__clang__) && defined(_WIN32) && !defined(_WIN64)
    // Your code.

For more information, see Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers, Predefined Macros.


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