BDE Name Counterparts (FireDAC)

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Go Up to Migrating BDE Applications to FireDAC

The following table lists the main BDE names and their counterparts in the FireDAC:

BDE Name FireDAC Name FireDAC Unit
TSession TFDManager FireDAC.Comp.Client
TDatabase TFDConnection FireDAC.Comp.Client
Alias ConnectionDef
DatabaseName ConnectionName
Session FDManager FireDAC.Comp.Client
SessionName (none)
PrivateDir (none)
===== ================= =================
TQuery TFDQuery FireDAC.Comp.Client
TStoredProc TFDStoredProc FireDAC.Comp.Client
TTable TFDTable FireDAC.Comp.Client
TUpdateSQL TFDUpdateSQL FireDAC.Comp.Client
TBatchMove TFDBatchMove FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove
===== ================= =================
TParam TFDParam FireDAC.Stan.Param
TParams TFDParams FireDAC.Stan.Param
TBlobStream TFDBlobStream FireDAC.Comp.DataSet
TFDRDBMSDataSet FireDAC.Comp.Client
EDBEngineError EFDDBEngineException FireDAC.Stan.Error

You can find the full list in the $(Demos)\Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Tool\reFind\BDE2FDMigration\FireDAC_Migrate_BDE.txt file.