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If you have multiple COM-based servers that your client application can choose from, you can use an Object Broker to locate an available server system. The object broker maintains a list of servers from which the connection component can choose. When the connection component needs to connect to an application server, it asks the Object Broker for a computer name (or IP address, host name, or URL). The broker supplies a name, and the connection component forms a connection. If the supplied name does not work (for example, if the server is down), the broker supplies another name, and so on, until a connection is formed.

Once the connection component has formed a connection with a name supplied by the broker, it saves that name as the value of the appropriate property (ComputerName, Address, Host, RemoteHost, or URL). If the connection component closes the connection later, and then needs to reopen the connection, it tries using this property value, and only requests a new name from the broker if the connection fails.

Use an Object Broker by specifying the ObjectBroker property of your connection component. When the ObjectBroker property is set, the connection component does not save the value of ComputerName, Address, Host, RemoteHost, or URL to disk.

Note: You can not use the ObjectBroker property with SOAP connections.

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