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This category includes topics related to floating-point computation.

Not listed here are the RTL floating-point data types, and related procedures and functions. You can find most of these in the System and System.Math units.

The FPU (Floating Point Unit) handles floating-point calculations on 32-bit systems and the SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) handles floating-point calculations on 64-bit systems. You can prevent floating-point exceptions from occuring by using SetExceptionMask to mask some or all of them on both FPU and SSE. SetExceptionMask sets the floating-point exception bits in FPU Control Word and SSE's MXCSR Control/Status registers.

The FPU Control Word register is illustrated below:



15 Reserved
14 Reserved
13 Reserved
12 Infinity control
11 Rounding control
9 Precision control
7 Reserved
6 Reserved
5 Exception masking Precision
4 Underflow
3 Overflow
2 Zero divide
1 Denormal operand
0 Invalid operation

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