Create Component Template

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Go Up to Component Menu

Component > Create Component Template

Use this dialog box (entitled Component Template Information) to save the selected components on the current form as a reusable component template. The menu command is only available when at least one component is selected on the current form.

Item Description

Component name

Indicates the name of the new component template. By default, the name of the first component that you selected is displayed and the word Template is appended to it. You can change this name, but be careful not to duplicate existing component names.

Palette page

Select the Tool Palette category in which you want the new template to appear.

Palette icon

Indicates the icon used to represent the component template in the Tool Palette. By default, the icon of the first component you selected is displayed. To change it, click the Change button and choose a new file. There is no restrictions on the bitmap size.

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