Creating an Active Form for the Client Application

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To create an Active Form for the Client Application

  1. Because the client application will be deployed as an ActiveX control, you must have a Web server that runs on the same system as the client application. You can use a ready-made server such as Microsoft's Personal Web server or you can write your own using the socket components described in "Working with Sockets."
  2. Create the client application following the steps described in Creating the client application except rather than beginning an ordinary client project, start by choosing File > New > ActiveX > ActiveX Library followed by File > New > ActiveX > Active Form.
  3. If your client application uses a data module, add a call to explicitly create the data module in the active form initialization.

Any Web browser that can run Active forms can run your client application. Just create an .HTML file that references the Active Form. For instructions, see Creating a VCL Forms ActiveX Active Form.

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