Creating an Animated Indeterminate Progress Ring

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Your FireMonkey Metropolis UI applications can use the Windows 8 signature progress ring (the indeterminate progress ring). The indeterminate progress ring is a set of animated dots that whirl around a center point, and accelerate and decelerate:


To implement a Windows 8 style indeterminate progress ring:

  1. Create a Metropolis UI application using one of the Metropolis UI wizards/templates.
  2. Drop a TAniIndicator on the form.
  3. Right-click TAniIndicator and select Edit Default Style from the context menu.
  4. Click Load and select the Metropolis UI style you want. Navigate to the Styles directory if necessary:
  5. In the Object Inspector, select TAniIndicator and:
    • Set the Enabled property to True.
    • In the StyleLookup field, select aniindicatorstyle (the only choice).
Now your Metropolis UI application uses the Metropolis UI indeterminate progress ring.

For more information, see Quickstart: adding progress controls (Windows 8 style apps using JavaScript and HTML).

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