Creating an Extension Point

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This topic explains how to create an extension point.

To create an extension point

  1. In the Diagram View or Model View, right-click the use case element into which to insert an extension point.
  2. Choose Add > Extension Point on the context menu.
  3. In the in-place editor, type the name of the extension point.
  4. On the Tool Palette, click Extend.
  5. Hover the cursor over the use case to be used as the extending use case. When the use case frame becomes highlighted, click inside it and drag the cursor to the base use case. When the frame of the base use case becomes highlighted, release the mouse button.
  6. The link stereotyped <<extend>> connecting two selected use cases appears. Select this link. In the Object Inspector, type the specified (using a previous step) name of the extension point in the Label property.

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