Creating and Testing a Connection Profile on the Development PC

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Creating a connection profile is a necessary preliminary step in creating macOS and iOS applications.

A connection profile describes the settings to connect to an instance of the Platform Assistant server running on the target platform or on an intermediate platform. You can create multiple connection profiles for each platform. You can create multi-device applications that do not have an association with a connection profile, and then you can assign an existing connection profile.

To Create a Connection Profile for a Multi-Device Application

  1. Open Tools > Options > Environment Options > Connection Profile Manager, or right-click a node under Target Platforms on the Project Manager and select Edit Connection. The Connection Profile Manager opens.
  2. Click the Add button. The Create a Connection Profile wizard opens.
  3. On the first page of the Create a Connection Profile wizard (Profile information):
    • Specify a Profile name of your choice.
    • Expand the Platform drop-down list and select the platform where the target instance of the Platform Assistant server is running.
      For example, select macOS if the Platform Assistant server is running on a Mac, as it is the case for macOS and iOS apps.
  4. On the second page (Remote machine information):
    • Specify the remote machine and the port number to use.
    • The remote machine is typically the target platform for the multi-device application, but in the case of iOS apps, the remote machine is the Mac.
      • You can provide either the IP address or the Machine name of the target machine as it is known on the network.
      • To determine the IP address of the target machine, enter any of the following commands:
        • i on the PAServer console on the target machine.
        • ifconfig on the Mac Terminal window.
        • ipconfig on the PC command window.
      • The default port number is 64211.
    • Enter a password if you want to require a password from the Platform Assistant process to which this connection profile will connect:
      Connection Profile password <press Enter for no password>:
      If no password has been set for paserver, press the Return key at the Password prompt.
      For more details about the paserver password, see Connection Profile Manager Panel.

To Test the Connection

On the Connection Profile Manager, click Test Connection to verify that the IDE can communicate with the host:


If the connection is working, you see this message:

Connection  to <hostname> on port <number> succeeded.
Note: You can create a connection profile without testing the connection. However, an untested connection cannot be guaranteed to work.
  • For troubleshooting information about macOS connections, see Working with a Mac and a PC and Running the Platform Assistant on a Mac.
  • The connection to the port fails in any of the following situations:
    • If the wizard cannot reach the target machine.
    • If the appropriate version of the Platform Assistant is not running on the target machine.
    • If the connection profile is not configured to use the correct port number.

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